Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub

cofffe scrub

What You Need: Coconut Oil, Unused Coffee Grounds, Brown Sugar, Raw Sugar, Epsom Salt… And whatever else you feel necessary

I found this super neat coffee scrub on Pintrest that is supposed to help battle cellulite. I love putting my own spin on stuff like this because it is so simple to morph it into whatever you need it to be even if it is a single ingredient.

Since it was my first time making it, i started out small and hopefully it’s successful enough to where i can make larger batches but for now here’s what i did.

Step 1: Grind about 1 cup of coffee, the coarser the better, i think and add that to a ,medium size mixing bowl.


Step 2: Measure out 1 cup of brown sugar and combine



 Step 3Add 1/2 a cup of coconut oil.Unrefined Expeller Pressed coconut oiI is the best to use,it’s a cooking oil product but it’s interchangeable with the cosmetic form too. Although i had to melt mine since it was still solid, but it lets me know that i don’t have all those chemicals.                                 IMG_0354

epsom salt

Step 4: I used an 1/8 cup of epsom salt, but you may measure what ever you feel neccessary, but be careful because epsom salt is a lot coarser than sugar so it’s best not to use it everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                        Step 5: Next, 1/8 cup of Raw Sugar. Mix it all up and then put it in a cute jar and call it a day!

IMG_0335Pretty easy! Just have some Baking Soda on hand in case you have to scrub your tub (it comes out easy), because it will definitely make your tub a little darker.







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