Healing Foods For Allergies


Stress, food intolerance, and bad digestion cause a toxin to flow into the immune system which makes us sneezy and inflames our nose and airways. In some cases Allergies even become serious like with Asthma. This is just some neat info i found on how to reduce if not get rid of the inflammation.

Healing Fruits and Veggies:

Apples              Blueberries              Grapes              Oranges              Spinach

Carrots              Red & Green Bell Peppers              Mangoes              Beets

Raspberries      Strawberries             Watercress      Onions

The goal is to maximize antioxidants and flavinoids that help your immune system respond to all the bad stuff with super hero power.  You also want to increase your intake of natural anti-inflammatory foods that are high in fatty acids.

Flax seeds and sunflower seeds (not the deliciously salty ones at the gas stations) are good sources, oily fish does the trick too.

Healing Herbs:

Elderflower              Ginger              Garlic              Cinnamon              Parsley*              Thyme                     Turmeric           Nettle              Yarrow*                   Callendula              Licorice*                  Astragalus        Burdock Root  Dandelion leaf and root*

~ *Caution should be taken before consuming ~


And if you have access to quality herbs you should use Dandelion Root for proper digestion, astragalus and garlic for boosting your immunity. And to nourish your nervous system you should use skullcap and/or oat straw.

It dosen’t stop at what you need to eat, but also what you shouldn’t. You need to Eliminate any sugars including Honey (bummer!!!) and fruits with high sugar content because sugar actually decreases the white blood cell activity. A high amount of sugar also increases allergic reactions.

Alcohol is a giver, but mainly because it also slurs immune function – you aren’t the only one getting drunk! Bananas and dairy products like cheese and milk increase mucus production and the bacteria in most dairy products generally impair any toxins from your body to be flushed out. Poor digestion keeps the body from getting rid of toxins and limits your ability to absorb nutrients. So improve your digestion!

Lastly you should get some Protein! It’s good for immune function so you should try to eat the best sources of protein (sorry veggies) like tuna and cod. Salmon, trout, and herring are also a good source.

You can use all these items to remedy so much more than just allergies, especially when it comes to trying to promote a healthy lifestyle. Hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as i enjoyed sharing it.

Lets learn together!! If you have anything to add I would love to know!

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