Tofu Scrammmmble, Oh Yeah!



tofu scramble yummy

I love to document my tofu scramble recipes since they vary each time. It depends on who you cook it with, by yourself or with a friend or maybe for a few friends, what you have in the kitchen and what spices your friends bring.IMG_0773

Tofu scramble is one of my favorite dishes to make cook at home.  A fun dish to make with so many creative options to make it your own. The best part is that there is a chance to experience a whole new taste profile every time. I try to use different ingredients each time, but there are just some things that you have to have.  I prefer to use hard extra firm tofu for my cooking. You don’t always have to drain it first, but I have found it suits my tastes better so i always keep it pressed until i am ready to add it.  My key spices are always Turmeric, Cumin. Garlic, and Ginger.


 Sadly I ran out of Ginger for this one, I also like to add garlic or thyme, but you use what you have! I try to experiment how I add the spices to see how different it might taste, so this time I mixed them all up in a little bowl. My cooking style, when adding spices rarely includes measuring things out, i just kinda wing it.

I always, always, always, cook my tofu scramble with coconut oil. IMG_0817You want to wait for the pan to already be warm before adding the oil. Sometimes i do the spices first, sometimes i do the tofu first, most of the time i have potatoes so i cook those as soon as possible since they require more cooking time, but sadly I didn’t have any.Instead I used yummy, yummy kale, mushrooms, bok choy, tomatoes  green beans and zucchini squash and depending on the cooking time I will add those in before I add my tofu. Make sure you have crumbled your tofu and then let all the ingredients simmer for as long as you find necessary, i like the little added crunch, so I let some of my veggies stay a little firm. When it’s finished you will see how  much more you have so it kinda turned into two bowls, but I could hardly finish the first one, it was so fulfilling.


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