Coconut Chronicles – First Attempt At Coconut Milk


DIY Raw Coconut Milk

You Need: Rounded Paring Knife         Cutting Board        Air-Tight Container

High-Speed Blender            Measure Cup        Cheese Cloth

I opened my first coconut earlier in the day and was confounded on what to do next, all i knew is that i wanted a coconut and i wanted to open it. It took some time to decide on making coconut milk, but after looking at recipe after recipe after recipe it wa a no brainer. You kind of adapt your own way after looking at all those recipes and make it with what you have in your kitchen. Several recipes called for a Vitamix – definitely have a 14 speed Oster, several also called for cheese cloth considering that I don’t make cheese i had to run out and buy some(they were in the baking section) In this recipe I only use one coconut, but feel free to modify based on your materials.

DIY Raw Coconut Milk1. This is the worst part – the most difficult part – of the process getting the meat off the husk. Maybe, because i’m inexperienced, but I went through 4 different utensils. I first tried to do it like the pros do and break out the meat in one big chunk with a hammer. Then tried to grate it out – even gouge it out – with no success. DIY Raw Coconut MilkI tried two different knives and then just stuck to my paring knife. I cut triangle after triangle after chunk of coconut until 20 minutes later – I was done with the little half. I got the hang of it, and the larger half went by quicker, just watch out for flying pieces – i totally picked mine back up and stuck it in the bowl.

DIY Raw Coconut Milk                         2. Simmer 2 cups of water (optional, cold water will do) and while that is warming add half of the coconut water to the blender, i was able to get about 2 cups from the coconut, but each coconut yields different amounts, then add your coconut chunks. Pour one cup of hot water into the blender and blend. You may have to stop and add more water. I used the other half of the coconut water and then about another half cup of warm water. Be careful not to overload your blender, you might want to whisk it around to make sure your blender is getting everything. DIY Raw Coconut Milk



DIY Raw Coconut Milk

I transferred my milk – grittiness and all into a measuring pitcher for easy pouring for the next step. DIY Raw Coconut Milk

3. Over a big bowl pour your milk into a cheese cloth to strainDIY Raw Coconut Milk

Feel free to squeeze as hard as necessary, just don’t get any chunks in your milk!

DIY Raw Coconut Milk

4. Pour into an airtight container and refrigerate – you may notice it starting to separate already, just swirl it around, it’s not harmful or gross, its just evidence of how organic it is. Keep what’s left for dehydrating or adding to scrubs – whatever your heart desires.DIY Raw Coconut Milk

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