Coconut Chronicles – How I Opened My First Coconut


DIY Open A Coconut At Home

 I had quite an adventure today in my own kitchen. Coconuts may have amazing beauty and cooking feats, but do you sure have to work for it!! I bought a coconut at the market a few days ago just because and I started researching how to open it and when you should open it and yada yada. I found out that there are young and mature coconuts and they have very different taste profiles, so my goal was to wait until it was mature enough so I could open it, but I didn’t think past that. So I started with puncturing a hole in it, they say the third ”eye” all by it’s lonesome is the softest to puncture so you can drain the liquid – but they all seemed pretty difficult to penetrate – and then you can crack it open on it’s invisible axis (no where to be found by the way). So I (well with some help) broke out a hammer and hit it real hard until it broke open. I felt pretty victorious from the viewers side like I had been smashing the coconut and was pretty giddy. Once I had it open though I started wondering, what now? Anyways, here is a photo guide of my experience. Enjoy!                                                

1. Start by puncturing a hole in your coconut – there should be three circles and the one by itself is the one you want. Drain your coconut water into a bowl and you can keep it or toss it – I was expecting this heavenly water with magical abilities, but all it was, was gross so if you can handle it by itself more power to you, but I saved mine to add to the coconut milk I plan on making.  DIY Open A Coconut At Home 

2. Break it!! There is an invisible line around the coconut that experienced coconut openers  are able to locate, I didn’t see, but I didn’t look very hard. You may use a hammer, meat cleaver, back of a knife, a saw for a clean cut. My choice? Hammer.Image

3. Find something to do with it.

It’s not very difficult to open like I thought it was, but don’t be disappointed when you discover (like I did) that it wasn’t pina colada flavored inside.

**Let’s Learn Together! Help Me and Other Readers Out. Share Your Experience!** 

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