Declawing? More Like Amputation.


Warning – Obnoxious bolding to emphasis point.Declawing, more like

This is Kitty Meow Meow, she is very active, which I love and she is easily amused, but I’m all scratched up, she attacks my hair and i end up with claws in my back, or jumps on my pants and scratches my legs, but it’s my hands that she’s mauled. I brought up that I wanted to declaw her because of my wounds to one of my co-workers, and she was very adamant about why I shouldn’t declaw her and after what she told me about what happens to them, the process that they have to go through just for our convenience, I felt awful. How could anyone want to do this to their precious pet? Then I realized, it’s probably because they just don’t know, like myself, i was ignorant to the gruesome act.

I know, I know, you probably are thinking that I have built this up, that it’s nothing but a clipping for them and that I’m just some drama queen, but just hear me out.

For those of you who do know how inhumane it is, than you know that declawing an animal is like amputating your finger at the first joint. I was filled with disgust at myself for wanting to do that to my little kitten. It’s awful! You have to sever not just the nail but the tendons and the ligaments around the bone. Sad, I know.
Declawing, more like amputation

Then I started reading more and more and seeing all these little infected and deformed paws because of surgeries gone wrong and ingrown nails that weren’t removed properly and I just couldn’t get past the fact that we still allow declawing in America. France, Italy, Bosnia, Ireland, Switzerland Australia, Brazil and way too many other countries to list (point made hopefully) have banned it.

Now there is a reason why it is so wrong, not just because they are removing a bone, but because they are removing your cats most vital tool. Cats walk and and stand on their toes, scratch and stretch with their little feetsies, there are things I even didn’t realize it affected. When they are in the kitty litter box and when they groom themselves, for balance and of course for defense. They depend on their toes for balance and agility and when we hinder that we can be the reason that they get arthritis, since they have to change their whole way of walking, using the back legs which aren’t meant to carry that weight. Even after that painful surgery, they still have to walk on their feet, use to dig around in the litter box, to play on, groom with, stretch with, think of how painful that would be if you didn’t have a wheelchair to carry you around if they removed your toes and you still had to walk, exercise, and work everyday on them. Wouldn’t you be less playful, more irritable, and a little wobbly?

If You love your kitty dont do it

If You Love Your Kitty, Dont Do It!!

There are much better alternatives, you can purchase scratching posts for them to stretch and claw at. I have heard that the smooth ones (not the rope) are the best for them or you can get Soft Paws/ Soft Claws if you feel it is absolutely necessary.They are little caps you push onto your kitten or cat’s nails to keep them from scratching you or your material possessions. It’s not as convenient since you have to reapply them every few weeks, but it definitely beats amputation in my book.

I know that everyone has a different situation or view point and this is mine, I’m not planning on chastising anyone if it has already been done, but I did want to share my findings, because if you don’t know, you can’t prevent it.    

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