Beer, Hookah, and The Great Gatsby (psshh, I wish!)




I’m visiting my father in San Antonio and when I arrived around 7 pm… he wasn’t here!! He was in Galveston til 3 pm the next day visiting a lady friend. Rude! Well I didn’t know where anything was at, I was alone, and I did not know anyone (feel sorry for me please!). Needless to say, I was pretty bored and despite being exhausted, wanted to do something exciting! When in doubt, go to the movies.

Luckily about 5 minutes down the road was a theater, the best part? They served beer and wine. Woot! Woot! Getting tipsy before your movie not good enough? How about some hookah with friends? A non-smoker? Try the billiards on the other side, man what a great location, right? I thought so, but how pathetic would it be to walk in and see someone smoking hookah solo, before sitting in a theater all by themselves sipping on some Shiner Bock or a Merlot while munching on an overly-processed veggie burger (which was super yummy by the way – avocados, hummus, bean sprouts, and some magical sauce I wish I knew the name of on top of a delicious wheat bun) – pretty sad. Needless to say I didn’t want to be that person so I stuck to water and that delicious veggie burger –  a plus – my server was cute and being solo didn’t keep him from flirting in the least – huzzah – even left a cute little note on my receipt (I’m a sucker for that stuff)

ANYWAYS, the point of this post was to talk about how great it would have been to have some friends to do all this with and then to go shopping and yada yada, but also so i could talk about how AMAZING the Great Gatsby was!!! Leonardo DiCaprio? Yum. Movie? Fantastic. Soundtrack? B+. 

Firstly, I have to say – whoever designed the art deco masterpiece is amazing. That must have taken an enormous amount of time to perfect. I loved the “new” interpretation of the book and although Jay-Z;s awful song at the beginning was pointless, it had an awesome introduction into the story. I also enjoyed the electronica party scenes especially my favorite song of the track(aside from Love is Blindness of course!) A Little Party Never Killed Nobody by Fergie and company.

Carey Mulligan was the ideal Daisy – her voice the way I imagined it and her portrayal of Daisy’s selfish innocence was masterful. The inner conflict of always loving Gatsby, but not being able to deny the love and devotion to Buchanan so delightfully portrayed. Then there is Leonardo DiCaprio’s suave and class as he became Gatsby. His ability to be charming and embarrassed at the same time, the way that his faced stayed stoic and pleasant with only the slightest hint of unease and the hopefulness he kept for him and Daisy could not have been better. I could just watch it over and over again, just to watch the amazing performances and I am agreeing with everybody else demanding that Leo get his Oscar for that role, since he is an amazing artist and just shy of 40 – he has many more great movies to come. 

And the sets!! They were remarkable, perfectly accented by the period costumes. It was like I really was experiencing their lives in the Prohibition Era (hard to believe with all the booze flying around in the film). The castle that Gatsby owned compared to the cute little cottage Carraway lived in was almost comical, but artistically decorated. I could go on so many more tangents, but I must draw to an end and get on with my own life. Until next time!!! 

Let me know what you thought!! 

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