Organic A Fad? Maybe By Modern Day Standards.


Organic A Fad? Maybe By Modern Day Standards.

I think this is sooo true!!!

  1. MYTH: Organic food is a fad.
    FACT: What we now think of as organic farming was practiced for thousands of years as farmers worked in partnership with the land and the elements. In the 1940s, the widespread use of synthetic chemicals was introduced into agricultural practices to boost crop growth. A backlash developed among growers and consumers and the organic food industry was born.

Today, organic products have grown, on average, more than 20% per year over the last 7-10 years, making it the fastest growing segment of agriculture! In 2011 the organics market topped $30 billion, representing a 9.5% growth over previous years.

Brunch At Work!!


Brunch At Work!!

This was yummy!!! Great easy breakfast to prepare on the go! 3 Kiwis, 1 Banana, 3 handfuls of Cherries, 2 Handfuls of Strawberries 1 carton of Sunshine Raspberries. I didn’t even make it to the banana I packed

Coconut & Maca Beauty Smoothie


Coconut & Maca Beauty Smoothie: Chalk Full of Nutrients That Not Only Keep You Fuller Longer, But Contribute To Your Natural Beauty

I thought I had perfected my super smoothie, but when I ran out of my Homemade Almond Milk I  had to improvise and what better substitution than coconut water?!? I drink a variation of this almost everyday since it is easy to make on the go (I’m usually making this at 4 am before work) especially when I have all my ingredients readily available. Luckily this time I didn’t have anywhere pressing to be so I didn’t have to worry about time because we all know how difficult it is  to open a coconut and get it’s magical water. I actually purchased the young Thai coconuts thinking they would be easier to open, but maybe I am just challenged because I had the hardest time. I even cut my self in the process! This will keep you full for several hours and is an awesome breakfast for those always on the run because it gives you so much energy. Enjoy!

Your Ingredients:

3 Bananas

2 Cups Coconut Water (water from 1 Thai Coconut)

1 Tbsp Camu Powder

1 Tbsp Maca Powder

1 Tbsp Cacao Powder (Carob works too!)

1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon

1/2 Tbsp. Coconut Palm Sugar

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Flax Seeds

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Blend and Drink Nutritiously!

Here is why this energy-boosting smoothie enhances your natural beauty while keeping you full longer and nourishing your body with much needed nutrients!

You stay full because of Chia Seeds which are high in fiber and contain an unreal amount of omega-3 fatty acids, both  also present in Flax Seeds. Flax Seeds are also a great source of anti-oxidants which combat free radicals that cause several tissue issues (…tehe) under the skin. Another ingredient that helps beautify our skin is Coconut! There is definitely lots of coconut in this recipe for a reason. Coconut oil is a fantastic way to boost your energy, aids in weight loss, and increases the good cholesterol which makes your heart happy and we wont even go into the awesome beauty miracles it can do. Coconut Water straight from the coconut contain enzymes that  aid in detox and hydrates us inside and out thanks to electrolytes which also energize our bodies. It also keeps you feeling full and helps to reduce cravings(I can vouch for that). Coconut Palm Sugar has a low GI which means that it doesn’t skyrocket our blood sugar levels. It’s also rich in the B Vitamins along with potassium, iron, and zinc. Speaking of Potassium which is what comes to mind most when thinking of this super-food, Bananas are awesome for weight loss (probably due to it’s high fiber content).

Then there are the powders that I add and these aren’t just any powders, these are super-food powders. Maca is famed for it’s ability to increase your sexiness and also for its increased libido and vitality properties, it’s also energizing and is awesome for the skin. Camu Camu makes our skin glow and is high in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, not to mention the outrageous amount of Vitamin C strengthens our immune system. Cacao is awesome for keeping us happy, full and beautiful all while satisfying that chocolate craving. Thanks to Sulfur, Cacao promotes strong nails, healthy hair  and radiant skin, not to mention it is anti-oxidant rich. Cinnamon is fantastic for increasing your metabolism which ultimately leads to weight loss and when combined with coconut oil  it works miracles especially since they both regulate blood sugar levels.

If this isn’t enough reason to incorporate at least one of these amazing ingredients into your life, I don’t know what is! Until next time! Drink Nutritiously! Gulping down that super smoothie!

Car Troubles… And Well, Other Troubles Too



My poor poor Impala has seen better days! I have been neglecting my lovely chariot because I don’t believe my health should suffer because of a convenience. Meaning that I would much rather spend my money on health and being as raw as I can purchasing as much produce and “superfoods” and etc. as I can instead of fixing my car.

Unfortunately, I have run my car a little too long without proper maintenance. I got a flat tire and when they patched it said that if I don’t get new tires soon they will eventually blow out or something because the threading is almost gone. Whatever that means?? I asked my grandpa… he said it was bad. Then I have to change my oil… that hasn’t been done since November 2012 (oops!! 7 months). Although I do pay extra to get the pro-mileage synthetic fancy stuff so I don’t have to change it as often, especially considering since it has well over 120,00 miles (yikes!). Also, my brakes are going out!!! They have started to make that awful squealing noise and I am always embarrassed driving down the road, looking accusingly at other cars that way they don’t think it’s me.

Needless to say I should probably take the hit and just do it! Yet riding a bike to and from jobs eliminates all these excess expenditures along with being environmentally friendly… too bad that has a flat tire too and has been in remission since before I went to San Antonio (boo!)   Image

I have purchased 2 different tubes and neither of them will do! The frustration is… well frustrating. Also while I am complaining, I have been trying to go to the pool for the past few days (including today) and have been met with angering “pool closed” signs. COME ON! It is almost July and the pools are closed?!? Ugh! I am so exasperated. I would even volunteer to clean them if that is the case just so I could swim in it. The only way I can swim is after my exercise at the gym, but it’s lacking the Vitamin D and plus I want to get tan at some point this summer! Grrrr….. I need some juice.

Sorry for the crazy post! Much love ~ Adventurous Nutmeg

Carrot Apple Date Bites: “Easy To Be Raw” Recipe


Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!

Soo, I have been very bad lately and have been looking for a raw substitute to fight my cravings for cookies and brownies and cake. So I re-watched several recipe videos on meganelizabeth, the magnificent Easy To Be Raw guru and found this yummy recipe! She is a genius and I found a cute new way to eat apples! Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!


2/3 cup Carrots (about 2-3)

8 Dates, Pitted and soaked if necessary

2-3 Apples

1 tsp Cinnamon (or to taste)

Tools: Food Processor and a serrated knife

This recipe calls for a food processor and I thought I could get by with my blender, but unless you have an awesome super blender you will definitely need a food processor. Here is how I did it with a blender though!

Step 1: Soak dates if needed for 5-7 minutes and then pit them. If not chop up your carrrots, about 2/3 cup and pulse in food processor until finely shredded. Since i did it in the blender my carrots were still somewhat chunky Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!

Step 2: Add the dates and cinnamon and pulse, stopping to check and make sure it is processing evenly. I started to blend mine, even putting it in little by little, but it just couldn’t handle it so I kinda kneaded the ingredients together!

Step 3: You will want to cut your apples into rounds as pictured below, you can just flick out the seeds. The cutest part is that they are almost like apple chips and they have that cute little star flower in the middle!Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!Step 4: You are going to combine your apple and carrot date spread by layers. So first you will do an apple chip and then a layer of your carrot date spread and then another apple chip and so forth. Then with your serrated knife carefully cut them into fourths or eighths to be even cuter and super bite-sized! Garnish with cinnamon if so desired and eat!! Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!Carrot Apple Date Bites: Easy To Be Raw Recipe To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth!!

Bok Choy For Dessert


Bok Choy For Dessert

A great way to wash down some zucchini noodles is with a sweet juice that has a hidden vegetable. These are my favorite kind to give to people, especially when the juice doesn’t even look green, oops! Well don’t let the color fool you, you can’t even taste the greens!

4 Bok Choy Stems

1/2 Pineapple

2 Nectarines

1 Mango

Strain, Chill, Serve!! This makes about 36 oz. so feel free to share.. I never share my dessert though. Here is the nutritional info I vowed to post along with my recipes.

Mangoes protect against several types of cancers like breast and colon cancers. It’s also a great for regulating blood pressure and heart rate thanks to Potassium

Pineapple is a good source of Manganese which helps build strong bones and stuff. Bromelain is what it’s known for, thanks to the ability to break down protein it is known to be a digestive aid.

Bok Choy neutralizes free radicals thanks to Vitamin C and aids in preventing cancerous cells. Vitamin K is also an awesome vitamin found in Bok Choy, that helps to build your bones and protect your heart.

Nectarines are great for summertime because their anti-oxidant properties help fight those UV rays that damage our glorious skin. Another great thing are the bioflavinoids that help fight off a vast majority of diseases such as cancer. Nectarines are also a natural laxative thanks to it’s high(ish) fiber content.

Strawberry Pineapple Cooler


Strawberry Pineapple Cooler: Juice that will make you look pretty, see pretty, and feel pretty all while quenching your thirst in this summertime heat!

The summer heat is really getting to me and I have been juicing like crazy trying to come up with delicious new recipes that give me my dose of nutrition, quench my thirst, and taste yummy and I think I found a winner!!!

This juice makes about eight and half cups of juice, a little over 64 oz. of pure deliciousness. Are you ready to find out what is in this tasty treat??

1 Carton of Strawberries

2 Carrots

6 Plums

5,. Peaches

1/2 Pineapple

2 Pomegranates

2 Mangoes

Strawberry Pineapple Cooler: Juice that will make you look pretty, see pretty, and feel pretty all while quenching your thirst in this summertime heat!

Juice that baby up, strain, put it in a glass with ice and drink to your hearts desire!! You can’t even taste the carrots, but you can sure taste the mango! Here is what I promised in my Thank Goodness For Apples post, all the nutritional info!

Pineapple: Filled with vitamins and minerals  which means certain minerals like manganese are good for bones and certain vitamins like C helps to prevent this sickies! Another thing that I found out was that it is good for keeping your gums healthy and there is this magical enzyme called Bromelain which aids in digestion along with other properties.

Pomegranates: Despite the finger strength training you get from removing the seeds you also benefit from it’s many anti-oxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer (it’s those wonderful flavonoids and polyphenols at work again). Then there are punicalagins which apparently are unique only to pomegranates and work wonders for the heart!

Mangoes: Great for removing toxins and is awesome for cleaning pores (hmm might have to try that in a face mask soon!) thanks to collagen. Let’s not forget our vitamins, mangoes contain Vitamin A and C which are great anti-oxidants for optimal health!\

Peaches: Due to beta-carotene it is makes you have night vision (not really, it’s just good for your eyes) and also promotes healthy skin, even fights free radicals due to it’s pluthera of anti-oxidants.

Plums: Aid in the ability to absorb iron and contains vitamin c which is good for repairing tissues and building a healthy immune system. Keeps your eyes sharp and are known for their natural laxative properties.

Carrots: Carotenoids!! Need I say more? If so did you know that they are synergistic which means that it is harmonious for you to eat these Vitamin A sticks? Try finding out that they make your skin glow and help flush out the liver. You can even use it for medicinal purposes.

Strawberries: This anti-oxidant rich powerhouse of a fruit is an anti-inflammatory thanks to manganese (which also helps with awesome bones) and helps combat cancerous cells due to it’s extremely high Vitamin C content.  Just to name a few.

Let me know if you have anything else to add! For times sake I must come to an end, but until next time!