Banana ”Ice Cream” Float


Banana "Ice Cream" Float

It’s summerrr and that means its HOTT – with two T’s of course –  in Texas and that calls for ice cream!!! This is a recipe that I found on FullyRawKristina and it is soooo delicious.

I have decided in my (Raw) Vegan journey (a week and counting) that I am not ready to go full on Raw, although I am doing pretty good at staying close to it, but Vegan – that I can do. So get ready to make a delicious refresher – the simplicity of it is so amazing that you can eat all of it and not share!

Your tools:

High speed Blender like a Vitamix (I have a 14 speed Oster)

Food Processor (I don’t have one so I used my mixer – you’ll see)

Your ingredients for the “soda”:

2 Young Coconut’s Water

15-20 Pitted Dates

Your Ingredients for the “Ice Cream”:

5 Frozen bananas

Cinnamon to taste

Step One: Prepping your “Ice Cream”

You want to peel your bananas and some chop their bananas up but i just stuck mine in a big freezer bag whole keeping them separate that way it wasn’t a big banana block and freeze ( i did mine overnight)Banana "Ice Cream" Float

Step Two: Making your “soda”

Once your bananas are frozen, in your high speed blender or the recommended Vitamix you will mix your 15-20 pitted dates and your coconut water until smooth. (sorry for the odd photo angle it rotated when embedded)Banana "Ice Cream" Float

I cheated so this isn’t completely raw since my juicer isn’t fit for making nut milk (yet) I added some organic soy milk to help the dates liquefy a little better otherwise mine would have been pretty chunky.Banana "Ice Cream" Float

Step Three: Making your Ice Cream:

If you have a food processor than you can simply add your chopped frozen bananas and your dash of cinnamon and mix. I am not lucky enough to own one so I improvised and used my mixer – it did the job.Banana "Ice Cream" Float

I rolled mine into a ball that way it would look pretty Banana "Ice Cream" Float

Step Four:

Serve!! Fill your glass halfway with your “soda” and scoop out your ice cream and if you so desire add some more cinnamon – enjoy!Banana "Ice Cream" Float

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