Berry Citrus Green Juice


Berry Citrus Green Juice


So I have been juicing A LOT lately. When I came back from San Antonio I was a different person, but it wasn’t because I went to San Antonio, it was what I learned in San Antonio. In my Beer, Hookah, and Great Gatsby post I mentioned that I was visiting my dad, but I was alone a lot since he was working. So I watched quite a bit of youtube videos and just so happened to stumble upon several amazing channels ( I will mention soon) that really did change the person that I was and made me want to be a healthier better me. It has been really difficult, since I work at Chili’s and that food is always in my face and at Starbucks I have to fight the willpower not to eat a Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake or a cake pop and chug a double tall vanilla latte, but it’s been nearly a week of me testing the waters (I am prepared for detox) with a small margin for error and so far I am pretty dedicated and excited. So enough about me and lets get going on the Juice!!! 

Side Note: Remember, something that all the raw vegan experts stressed was that it’s important to EAT ENOUGH. A meal is a whole watermelon, or fifteen oranges. Juices are meant to be big since it is your meal, anywhere from thirty-two to sixty-four ounces or more and the same with your smoothies. Salads look like they should serve three people, but the simplicity of it all is undeniable. I have yet to master the art of food combining (it’s a scary chart) so bear with me raw foodie masters and let’s get juicing. 

The Yummy Stuff You Will Need:

Berry Citrus Juice

3-4 Kiwis peeled and fit to tube

1-2 Grapefruits peeled 

1/2 Bunch of Parsley 

4-5 Oranges peeled

2-3 Apples cut to fit tube

1 Whole Carton of Blueberries (yes, the whole thing)


The apples are not pictured because it was a last minute addition to kind of push the softer stuff through. Your next step is to simply add all your ingredients with the apples serving as a bully to the softer fruits if need be. And if your juice isn’t going through the strainer try getting a spoon and in circular motions stir the pulp and the juice will come out.Berry Citrus Green Juice

The final product and it was delicious!!!!!Berry Citrus Green Juice

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