Mango Peach Juice



It’s a pretty color right? Kinda looks like a swirly smoothie instead of a juice…. I blame the mangoes. I have been using an Omega juicer for my juice recipes and just can not wait(!) until I save up enough to get the Hurom especially since the Omega is showing it’s true colors (it’s a better leafy greens processor, that’s for sure)

I base most of my juices on what is going to go bad soon and sometimes I get the liberty of getting to make what I really like, but the fruit that was going out this time actually sounded like a pretty delicious juice. Unfortunately my juicer couldn’t process all the soft stuff, i even added in a granny smith apple to push the other fruits through. Not even taking it apart and cleaning it did any good or sending the “apple”sauce stuff the strainer catches back through made it any smoother so I came out with a smoothie like juice that tasted pretty mango-y, but hey the fruit fibre is good for you. 

3 Mangoes

4 Peaches

2 Nectarines

1 Pomegranate, seeds only

1 Carton of Blackberries

Later I added an apple to push everything through, because we all know apples are the fruit bully of the juicing community. Also, for the mangoes I used skin and all , but remember it’s cousin is Poison Ivy so it depends on your personal reactions to Urushiol. Drink safe and enjoy!



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