Rekindling The Internal Path For Enlightenment


Getting Back In The Groove

“Those who understand others are intelligent
Those who understand themselves are enlightened”

~ Tao Te Ching

I was spot cleaning around my apartment and I am awful at staying on track because I always find something that makes me want to stop and reminisce, like an old photo or a book I forgot I had, or in this case, my curiosity.

Lately I have been involved in a health revolution that has been consuming my life, and I am so happy because of it. Yet, it’s been taking up so much of my time that I haven’t really given anything else a second thought. Day after day I learn so much about becoming one with nature through health that I realized, I have forgotten how to become one with myself which I truly think is the first step. I know that after I conquer this new health regime it will be quite a bit easier to incorporate my “old” habits and interests back in, but I can’t stand to put them on the back burner. So here is my soapbox and I am forewarning you, don’t get offended if my rant turns sour (although I am a firm believer that if it isn’t true, it wont upset you)

I know that in the western hemi-sphere we have lost sight of spiritual practices and the true meaning behind most things. We do things because they have been industrialized and have been made readily available to us. The most popular form is Yoga, meant to help us become one with our highest nature, thus it is entwined with our Chakras, something I am working hard to understand. These are by far the most difficult for me to master, I am intrigued, but not dedicated and therefore I think that is where I have become like everyone else, just another empty face in a sea of societal cliches. Yet, I think it is your intention, we can all make excuses and say that we are really doing yoga for personal enlightenment, but we all know it’s just another form of exercise. It’s not really a spiritual thing for you and neither is meditating, it’s just something you think helps make life a little less stressful. That is the common misconception though. Meditation is not meant to be a stress-reliever it’s intentions were for spiritual practices. Meditation has been used by individuals to enlighten their view of reality by experiencing the consciousness within ourselves. It was a way to connect our psyches with the cosmos and to help guide us on our path to enlightenment. It is something that you have to truly mean and believe in for it to have any benefit, because I know there were plenty of times where I just sat there trying to meditate just to meditate, not for any enlightened reason, but just because. It’s a term that has been loosely defined and used throughout recent years.

Then there are the “crazier” things in life such as Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and many others. I have personally been an Astrology nut for several years trying to learn as much as I could and it wasn’t until recently that I became intrigued with Numerology, somehow linked to each other. I also dabbled in Palmistry wishing  that I were more educated on finding the lines and deciphering the various markings on the mounts or the shapes the lines form. It was something that I truly wanted to master, but was always out shined by me curiosity to become an astrology expert. Being an Aries, naturally I wanted to know more about me  😉  and my natal chart, to find a deeper meaning of the houses and their nodes. But it is also an awesome source in identifying how to not piss someone off or how to respond to a person. It’s almost like a little map, even if you only know their sun sign at least you know how to have a basic interaction with them.

So I have vowed that I will post more astrology related topics and share my numerology journey with you. I want to be able to know myself through and through that way I can work to enlighten others. I want to be able to read auras and be able to guide people. I will continue to educate myself on deepening my understanding of the world around me and hopefully my path will become a little more clearer in the months to come. I know that clean eating and Raw Foods will help me to vibrate on a higher frequency making it a little easier for me to achieve my goals. Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Rekindling The Internal Path For Enlightenment

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  3. I would be careful in mixing Taoist and Buddhist philosophy. The modern human cannot be functional and be an aesthete. The roots from many of the beliefs come from a deep understanding of self and the inability to picture it in a scientific way. See the Eight Harmonies in Shaolin Kung Fu, or the Qi Gong postions in Wing Chun- Both were thought to be very “mystic” forces and effects, but both can be described with concrete physics and anatomy. Balance is one thing, but overextending the soul into things poorly or entirely misunderstood can be disastrous at best. Be careful in all things, and weigh the risks before embarking. Grace is infinite, but life and sanity are not.

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