The Juicer Of My Dreams Has Arrived!!!! (and my spiralizer!!!)




Monday, I finally was able to purchase my Hurom Premium Cold Press Juicer and Smoothie Maker!! It was like Christmas, especially the way it was packaged. First it was the shipping box and then the Hurom box and inside the Hurom box there were two smaller boxes with smaller individual packaging, it was hard to be delicate with the enthusiasm flowing through me.Image

It also came with a recipe book which has some pretty yummy recipes ( i already made one. soon to come!!) and it has a TEN YEAR warranty on the motor and a two year warranty on the other parts. Woot Woot!! I also purchased a spiralizer which I can not wait to use! I stocked up on zucchinis and squash and bought some ingredients to make my own pasta sauce.Image

I wish I could share with everyone how happy I am right now! It’s so amazing what a simple thing like being healthy can do to you and knowing that you have the proper tools to enable you to do so. No more excuses! I’m ready to be fully committed!

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