Peppermint Coffee Scrub


This is a super simple scrub that takes ten minutes at max ( 5 minutes without love). I made this for the lovely Lady X who got a little toasty while gallivanting in the woods with her beau. It will definitely exfoliate your skin and leave it hydrated, soft, and smooth for those intimate moments *wink* *wink*.Image

There were no measurements for this scrub since I made it from the heart, so I just added the ingredients until it became perfect! Anyways, here is what I put in it roughly in order from the most used to the least used.

Brown Sugar for exfoliation

Raw Sugar for exfoliation

Coffee Grinds for exfoliation and eliminating varicose veins and cellulite(!)

Coconut Oil for building new skin cells (since you just rubbed off the dead ones), for hydrating the cells, and for it’s free radical combative skills (that means less wrinkles, yay!!!) and it’s awesome tropical scent and so much more!!!

Vitamin E Oil for it’s nourishing, hydrating and healing properties, especially useful for SUNBURNS, since it teams up with the coconut oil to combat those free radicals (even less flaky, dry skin, scars and wrinkles, yay!!) to create smoother softer skin.

(Sweet) Almond Oil for promoting healthy skin. It’s also a great way to nourish your over treated hair too and the best part? It is the least greasy out of all the good for you oils so it doesn’t clog your pores!

Jojoba Oil for softer skin and it’s great for your hair too since their chemical make-ups are almost identical! It’s also fun to say.

100 % Pure Vegetable Glycerin for the excuse not to use soap! But also because it only makes since to add this go-to massage oil since it nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Avocado Oil for it’s many vitamins that help protect and rejuvenate skin, calms the redness in your skin and cleanses pores. Oh yeah!

Epsom Salt for it’s exfoliating and soothing properties

Essential Oil for a sexy, sweet, or rejuvenating scent to make you smell wonderful!!

Also check out my first ever body scrub, Coconut Coffee Scrub I made it, i really did!!

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