Guava Goodness


Guava Goodness. A Small Dose of The Tropics to Enjoy By The Pool, On The Beach, Or Lounging Around The House. Juice It Up Baby!

I have been feeling like I need a dose of the tropics! This time last year I was in Hawaii on Gelological Field Studies exploring downtown Waikiki, climbing volcanoes on the Big Island, and searching for specimens on the tides of Kaua’i. Among several of the unforgettable memories, I will always recall how fresh and crisp the fruits and vegetables were. Like I was eating it directly from the source, which in some cases I was. When the professor would give us the okay, those brave enough (me!) would try white strawberries fresh off the vine and tart blackberries growing along the trails, even fruit picked right off the tree (sometime knocked off with a stick!). Needless to say, I am having drawbacks and one of my favorite fruits I tried for the first time was guava! So what better way to reminisce than a Guava juice!?

Here’s What You Will Need:

5 guavas, it’s okay to keep the seeds

1/2 Pineapple

2 C. Cherries, pitted

2 Peaches

1 Nectarine

Juice, fill glass with ice and enjoy by the pool,  while on the beach, or lounging around the house!

I took this to a house party to keep me from getting hungry and everyone that tried it thought it was heaven!! It was extremely refreshing to sip by the pool and get a little sun!

3 thoughts on “Guava Goodness

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