Thank Goodness For Apples!!!



This a really strong drink that will definitely give you a good dose of leafy green goodness. It’s amazing that no matter how many greens you add, apples are the best natural sweeteners and after you see what ingredients I threw in this pre-workout snack you’ll know why I’m so thankful!

1 Carrot

2  Sheaths of Fennel

1 Bunch Green Onions

1/2 Head Romaine Lettuce

1 Handful of Kale

1-2 Handfuls of Alfalfa Sprouts

1-2 Handfuls of Spinach/Arugula Mix

4-5 Fuji Apples IMG_2389

It was real onion-y so try cutting the amount of green onions in half and adding an extra apple, you will definitely need it!!


When I add my ingredients it is generally based on what I need to use first and it isn’t really focused on how it benefits me and what each ingredient does for me with all of it’s vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants and so forth that I am going to start trying to be a little more informative on the characteristics of each fruit and vegetable. Obviously since fruits and veggies are the bomb, there will be an explosion of knowledge and so i wont be able to list everything each time for time’s sake. Anyways, this way, I will definitely learn and be able to broaden my horizons and so will you!!

Apples: Great for eliminating toxins so especially helpful in cleansing fasts. High in pectin (digestive aid) and boron (alkalizing), two important phytochemicals ( anti-oxidants and flavinoids fall in this category too)

Kale: Super mineralizing! Well what does that mean? It means we become fossils!! Or it could mean that it improves digestion and detoxifies! I’m thinking the latter of the two.

Arugula: First benefit, it”s stage name is Salad Rocket! How awesome is that? Secondly, it helps prevent cancerous cells from developing by blasting them with awesomeness, but not without thanks from it’s side kick phytochemicals! It’s also quite mineralizing and contains exceptional amounts of Vitamin A.

Green Onions/Chives: Boost immunity and great for bone health, eye health, heart health all thanks to it’s pluthera of vitamins like Vitamin K and C to name a few. Just keep some mints on hand!

Alfalfa Sprouts: Benefits healthy skin (who needs Covergirl?) and your immune system. Another great thing about these little ‘falfas is that they lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good kind all thanks to phytoestrogens (whatever those are)

Carrots:  The best thing about these orange sticks of wonder isn’t just it’s well-known benefits for eye health, but also for it’s carotenoids! Provides amazing source of Vitamin A and protects cells from those darn free radicals that make us think we need makeup and all that nonsense.

Fennel: It makes you smell better along with other aromatic herbs and it’s awesome for your immune system. Fennel is an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent the form of cancerous cells. ( I just like the fact that it makes me smell pretty)

Spinach: Everyone knows we like spinach for it’s eye and bone health properties, but it also helps the skin (no more dry itchy skin!) and is useful in flushing out toxins. Yay!

Romaine: Super lettuce thanks to Carotenoids, Vitamins A, K, C, and Folate! That means it’s great for energy, repairs damaged tissues, also great for lowering bad cholesterol, and thanks to it’s mineralizing properties it makes it easier to carry oxygen to the cells.

Let’s learn together, if I missed anything just holla!

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness For Apples!!!

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