Car Troubles… And Well, Other Troubles Too



My poor poor Impala has seen better days! I have been neglecting my lovely chariot because I don’t believe my health should suffer because of a convenience. Meaning that I would much rather spend my money on health and being as raw as I can purchasing as much produce and “superfoods” and etc. as I can instead of fixing my car.

Unfortunately, I have run my car a little too long without proper maintenance. I got a flat tire and when they patched it said that if I don’t get new tires soon they will eventually blow out or something because the threading is almost gone. Whatever that means?? I asked my grandpa… he said it was bad. Then I have to change my oil… that hasn’t been done since November 2012 (oops!! 7 months). Although I do pay extra to get the pro-mileage synthetic fancy stuff so I don’t have to change it as often, especially considering since it has well over 120,00 miles (yikes!). Also, my brakes are going out!!! They have started to make that awful squealing noise and I am always embarrassed driving down the road, looking accusingly at other cars that way they don’t think it’s me.

Needless to say I should probably take the hit and just do it! Yet riding a bike to and from jobs eliminates all these excess expenditures along with being environmentally friendly… too bad that has a flat tire too and has been in remission since before I went to San Antonio (boo!)   Image

I have purchased 2 different tubes and neither of them will do! The frustration is… well frustrating. Also while I am complaining, I have been trying to go to the pool for the past few days (including today) and have been met with angering “pool closed” signs. COME ON! It is almost July and the pools are closed?!? Ugh! I am so exasperated. I would even volunteer to clean them if that is the case just so I could swim in it. The only way I can swim is after my exercise at the gym, but it’s lacking the Vitamin D and plus I want to get tan at some point this summer! Grrrr….. I need some juice.

Sorry for the crazy post! Much love ~ Adventurous Nutmeg

4 thoughts on “Car Troubles… And Well, Other Troubles Too

      • They do have a distinctive flavor! This week I have been doing 1 beet, 2 black plums, 2 handfuls leaf lettuce, 1 apple, and some ginger, about 2 cups ice. One day I had carrot top tea and used that otherwise it was water for about 2 cups of liquid. I would have put a carrot and some chia seeds in but I was out of those. This was making enough for 2 so I could keep one in the fridge for another time.

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