Coconut & Maca Beauty Smoothie


Coconut & Maca Beauty Smoothie: Chalk Full of Nutrients That Not Only Keep You Fuller Longer, But Contribute To Your Natural Beauty

I thought I had perfected my super smoothie, but when I ran out of my Homemade Almond Milk I  had to improvise and what better substitution than coconut water?!? I drink a variation of this almost everyday since it is easy to make on the go (I’m usually making this at 4 am before work) especially when I have all my ingredients readily available. Luckily this time I didn’t have anywhere pressing to be so I didn’t have to worry about time because we all know how difficult it is  to open a coconut and get it’s magical water. I actually purchased the young Thai coconuts thinking they would be easier to open, but maybe I am just challenged because I had the hardest time. I even cut my self in the process! This will keep you full for several hours and is an awesome breakfast for those always on the run because it gives you so much energy. Enjoy!

Your Ingredients:

3 Bananas

2 Cups Coconut Water (water from 1 Thai Coconut)

1 Tbsp Camu Powder

1 Tbsp Maca Powder

1 Tbsp Cacao Powder (Carob works too!)

1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon

1/2 Tbsp. Coconut Palm Sugar

1 Tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp Flax Seeds

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Blend and Drink Nutritiously!

Here is why this energy-boosting smoothie enhances your natural beauty while keeping you full longer and nourishing your body with much needed nutrients!

You stay full because of Chia Seeds which are high in fiber and contain an unreal amount of omega-3 fatty acids, both  also present in Flax Seeds. Flax Seeds are also a great source of anti-oxidants which combat free radicals that cause several tissue issues (…tehe) under the skin. Another ingredient that helps beautify our skin is Coconut! There is definitely lots of coconut in this recipe for a reason. Coconut oil is a fantastic way to boost your energy, aids in weight loss, and increases the good cholesterol which makes your heart happy and we wont even go into the awesome beauty miracles it can do. Coconut Water straight from the coconut contain enzymes that  aid in detox and hydrates us inside and out thanks to electrolytes which also energize our bodies. It also keeps you feeling full and helps to reduce cravings(I can vouch for that). Coconut Palm Sugar has a low GI which means that it doesn’t skyrocket our blood sugar levels. It’s also rich in the B Vitamins along with potassium, iron, and zinc. Speaking of Potassium which is what comes to mind most when thinking of this super-food, Bananas are awesome for weight loss (probably due to it’s high fiber content).

Then there are the powders that I add and these aren’t just any powders, these are super-food powders. Maca is famed for it’s ability to increase your sexiness and also for its increased libido and vitality properties, it’s also energizing and is awesome for the skin. Camu Camu makes our skin glow and is high in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, not to mention the outrageous amount of Vitamin C strengthens our immune system. Cacao is awesome for keeping us happy, full and beautiful all while satisfying that chocolate craving. Thanks to Sulfur, Cacao promotes strong nails, healthy hair  and radiant skin, not to mention it is anti-oxidant rich. Cinnamon is fantastic for increasing your metabolism which ultimately leads to weight loss and when combined with coconut oil  it works miracles especially since they both regulate blood sugar levels.

If this isn’t enough reason to incorporate at least one of these amazing ingredients into your life, I don’t know what is! Until next time! Drink Nutritiously! Gulping down that super smoothie!

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