Organic A Fad? Maybe By Modern Day Standards.


Organic A Fad? Maybe By Modern Day Standards.

I think this is sooo true!!!

  1. MYTH: Organic food is a fad.
    FACT: What we now think of as organic farming was practiced for thousands of years as farmers worked in partnership with the land and the elements. In the 1940s, the widespread use of synthetic chemicals was introduced into agricultural practices to boost crop growth. A backlash developed among growers and consumers and the organic food industry was born.

Today, organic products have grown, on average, more than 20% per year over the last 7-10 years, making it the fastest growing segment of agriculture! In 2011 the organics market topped $30 billion, representing a 9.5% growth over previous years.

4 thoughts on “Organic A Fad? Maybe By Modern Day Standards.

  1. actually what is really organic is that farmers and growers had high losses as well and suffered alot of famines during winter months because of such large losses, while we decry chemicals to help produce better and more, we have to remember everything is chemical, the smells you like in flowers or detest on some flowers are chemicals, plant do their own chemical warfare against pests and fungus too, also while you might grow organic you still benefit from those who use chemicals in controlling the crittors no doubt this probably gives higher yields I do not put to much faith in go no chemicals at all for everyone as this may allow the bugs and fungus etc get a foothold and increase crop losses, really everything is chemicals plants have chemicals in them that you eat everyday that are pesticides, tobacco is a pesticide caffiene is a pesticide, oxygen is a chemical water is a chemical so decrying some chemicals over others as if naturally made chemicals are somehow superior to man made (which in fact is only a copy of natures chemicals) is some how bad would be a big mistake, after all we are part of nature aren’t we? our ability to make the earth a friendlier place with the mind Jehovah gave us, would be saying humans are somehow not part of nature or that nature made a mistake in allowing man to evolve into a higher intelligent creature, not that I believe in evolution but alot of people use this as basis for their other beliefs and values, or that man’s inventions are somehow unatural because it didn’t grow out ofthe ground or fall from the sky on it’s own somehow makes it bad, nature good, man invention bad, is not a good way to look at the world also another point you may not be aware of is vegetable plants are deliberatly bred iwth less natural pesticide to make them less bitter which requires surface application of pesticide, which can be washed off. otherwise most people won’t eat veggies as they would be too bitter and of course our bodies equate bitter with bad, and so our desire for it would deminish. fruits are delicious with little help which shows we are supposed to eat fruit, not veggies like brocullie and kale, which naturally are bitter and are bred to remove alot of the bitterness, I personally like broculli but hate kale, Ilike green beans which do not require pesticides which is probably bred right into them natually, so yousee we eat pesticides one way or another no way around it, if your not a bug you need not worry as your body size and liver are too powerful for the little bit you get from plants to harm you. cooking probably detoxifies the plants too, but not sure on this. so remember everything around you are chemicals, you have to do reserach on chemicals that are used to see if there is any validity to the claims they are harmful to you and the enviroment or not, there are alot of liars out there who profit off such things.

    • You have an awesome point, but I think it is what you choose to believe because either way we are going to do as we please based on what we have justified and based on what we have put faith into being the best for us. So yes, it is true if we want to get technical about it that all things are chemicals, but I see no harm in viewing unnatural “man-made” chemicals as unappealing. Even if there are the slightest hints of pesticides in my “organic” produce it’s all about how you think about it and the positive energy you put into feeling like you made a healthier choice and technically isn’t that what “Jehovah” is all about? Choices? So I would like to agree to disagree with you on this one, we just have to have faith that if it is labeled organic it really is organic, forget the liars their time will come, isn’t that right?

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