Sansom Park Trails



My adventures to the Sansom Park trails were short lived partially because my camera kinda broke. I went to Dallas earlier in the day and had some Reserve coffee and while I was documenting my time there…. I dropped it. I know! For shame! It wasn’t on purpose and that was the first time I have ever dropped it. So when I was crouching down on the trails trying to get a really good photo of some flowers all the sudden the lens pops out! Well at least I think it was the lens, I’m not too familiar with camera anatomy, but it was behind the glass, the thing that makes it focus, I think.

Regardless, I was pretty upset and became discouraged. I should have just finished the trail, but honestly the trails weren’t as fun as the others way closer to my house nor as enjoyable and when my camera decided it was going to be crazy it just solidified what I had been debating. Go home? Appreciate nature? Go Home? Sweat profusely? Oh, camera broke? Go home.  

Although I was being a party pooper I did enjoy my Vitamin D and the 2 hours of getting lost and then becoming stuck in traffic. Definitely an interesting day to say the least, but at  I was being proactive and that’s the goal of this adventure challenge. Anyway’s here are the few photos of the hike! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Biking Expedition



Driving is definitely a luxury and there is no better way to put it into perspective than riding your bike places you travel in your car everyday. I generally take the freeway to work, but since I was on the bike the safest way was through the rural areas and I realized that I hardly pay attention to my surroundings. I know I am far from observant, but I didn’t realize how unperceptive I was until I had to make the conscious effort to be aware of everything around me.

Another challenge I came across were the hills of Pipeline. Jeez! I definitely had to stop and walk up some of them. Driving up them is obviously a breeze, but on a bicycle they are definitely a trial of your willpower. I have a new deep-seated admiration to individuals who bike everywhere, it is quite the adventure.  

Despite my complaints it really wasn’t as difficult as it would seem, especially when I saw the length of my journey, almost 6 miles one way? I believe it really does depend on your mentality and the vibes you emit. Of course I was tired, but I was having fun and the breeze was divine. People are actually pretty friendly, especially the other cyclists and bikers, they wave and smile, if you are courteous, they are courteous. It’s amazing what a simple act like this makes you learn and what it puts into perspective. Image 

The ride back home was a little longer considering I turned the wrong way! Needless to say I am directionally challenged and what should have been a pretty straight shot ended up being a lot of backtracking and head scratching. It had gotten pretty dark and so it was a little more difficult to see my path and I definitely have a sore behind from speeding over all those bumps I didn’t see. Irregardless I am proud of myself for not giving up and biking eleven miles! Now all I have to do is focus on overcoming those hills… well that and not caring about butt sweat! Bike safely!


Trail Blazing!



This post has been sitting in my draft box for two days now mostly due to having so many adventures that I have been pretty beat. By the time I get home and prepare to share my experiences with you I fall asleep trying to type or I get sidetracked. I want to make an adventure log for the next few weeks and it will take some dedication to go out an have an adventure everyday, but it’s a challenge I will gladly take on. Enough precluding, here is what I did on Friday!

I went on an adventure that started fairly early for my day off, around 9 a.m. my meow would not let me sleep and I was pretty irritated because it was going to be my lazy day. Short story about Thursday below or skip along for the fun stuff!

The day before I had worked all day. I went in from 4 a.m. – 9 a.m. at Starbucks and then ran home to change so I could make it to Chili’s by 10 a.m. and since I transferred, my drive is about thirty minutes or so, sometimes more if there is traffic (luckily the road was pretty clear and I made it in good time) My shift ends when the other bartender gets there so I was able to leave a little after 4 p.m. and had to be back at 5:15 p.m. Thankfully I got off pretty early, around 8:30 p.m. since we weren’t very busy and I fell asleep almost immediately when I got home.   

So for my not so lazy day I decided I was going to get some sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. It was drizzling outside and the air was cool, a perfect time for a peaceful walk through the trails of Cross Timbers Park. Image


What started out as just meandering through the misty morning became sweating profusely on the trails as the Texas heat began to creep in. I packed my trusty Ipod for some good tunes, a good read (The Scavenger’s Manifesto), a nice little picnic blanket. my camera of course and some fruit. When I became an awful sweat ball I found this nice little spot with the perfect breeze and read away.  

I was out there for a good 2 – 3 hours before a friend of mine joined me and we walked the trails for a bit. We went to another nature center and hiked off trail through several spiderwebs, I might add for about an hour. Due to the lion in my stomach and the need for some much appreciated air conditioning called it quits. It made for a an exciting and fun day, just trekking through the local trails, getting that Vitamin D and spending some quality time with nature. I will posting about my bike ride around the metroplex soon but here are a few photos from my day Trail Blazing, enjoy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My Challenge Numbers: Can It Be?


I spent the past few hours reading up and working through my Numerology workbook, but became perplexed when I came to my Challenge numbers. I have re-worked, re-calculated, added, subtracted and rearranged my numbers countless times and came up with the same numbers time and time again. I keep wondering, did I do this right? If so what does this mean? So I have come to the blog-o-sphere where I know several numerology veterans can help me

Challenge Numbers

My birthday is 03/31/1993

Step 1. To find my first Challenge number you are supposed to reduce your birth month and then subtract it from your day of birth

03 – 31 = 28 = 10/1 meaning my challenge number would be 1…and then this is where I get all sorts of confused and maybe I should take it for what it is, but I would just like some validation

Step 2. So, for the Second Challenge Number you are supposed to subtract your birth date from your birth year.

31/4 – 1993

19/1 +  93( which reduced is 12/3) so that turns into 19/1 + 12/3 = 4

So then it is 4 – 4 = 0


Step 3. To find your Third Challenge number you are supposed to subtract your Second Challenge Number from your First and if it is negative just remove the negative sign. In my case it is

0 – 1 = -1 or just 1

Step 4. To find the Fourth Challenge number it’s your reduced birth month subtracted from your reduced birth year

03 – 1993 = 03 – 4 and that brings me back to -1 or just 1

See where I am perplexed? I have a three number ones and then a zero. As an Aries, it seems to make sense that I have one in my chart, but not quite as dominant that it’s the sole focus of my challenges in life. I know that each number represents a cycle in my life and that it is tied to my pinnacle numbers which are 7, 8, 6, & 7, but I am unfamiliar with how they relate. I hope to find the meaning behind this as I continue my Numerology journey.

AHHH! The Universe Does Know What It’s Doing!!!





The most wonderful thing has just happened to me. That realization when the universe’s plans at this very moment make perfect sense. That moment when you realize how everything was supposed to fall into place just so that you can learn and experience your life lessons! Just so that you can meet the people that will teach you and help guide you. This is an amazing story and it’s just so uplifting to me that I had to share it, it made me giddy and I was amazed.

You can be skeptical all you want, but for those of you who understand this I am not too worried.

It started with upsetting my roommate, so I left my apartment and called a close friend of mine, Amanda just on the off chance that should would be on my side of town, to my happy surprise she answered. She said “that’s so weird, I was just thinking about you and then my phone started ringing”,she was on her way to her mom’s house which is five minutes from my apartment, so we met up there and went to the store.

SIDE NOTE: Amanda is the person that I met in Hawai’i in the summer of 2012 on field studies, the bizarre part was that she almost did not get to go and I also was almost unable to make it, but we somehow ended up going, meeting, and rooming together and then we came back and she just so happened to live close to me at the time. We talk astrology, health, numerology, about the universe, our paths in life, anything metaphysical and much more.

So as we pulled into the parking lot we ran into two people we knew and then before we left we ran into another person we knew and not to mention we were talking about our transits (we are both aries by the way) so it was just a strange night to meet up, run into all these people and then found this out…here comes the kicker!

I met this Aquarius and we hit it off right away, he is growing a garden and is very spiritualistic, into yoga and eastern religion, just an all around eccentric and typical Aquarius. Well he said that I should meet his brother who is an Aries because he has an awesome garden and that we had similar interests, he knows his brother is on a different level and etc. Well i was telling Amanda about said Aquarius and how he has a brother with dreads and a garden and that they do yoga and stuff and she started getting really excited.

About two weeks ago she had told me a story about how she met an Aquarius who introduced her to my Aquarius’s brother, the Aries (are you following) and that they had shared a really spiritual experience together and that he has a yoga class and stuff and she had really wanted to me to meet him. She said he had an awesome garden and that I would have loved it. The funny part is that it was the garden, mother nature that kept being the key topic of conversation.

Now let’s put the pieces together. I met this Aquarius at work. Amanda met her Aquarius somehow and he introduced her to this Aries man with dreads that has this awesome garden, is really spiritual, and whom she wanted me to meet. This is the same Aries that my Aquarius is related too and wanted me to meet. Bizarre! I met this Aquarian and his brother was indirectly linked to my closest friend and to think two Aquarius males brought us two Aries females to meet this Aries man. It’s just one of those revelations that makes you ponder the next person you meet. I hope to meet this Aries, because I was meant to know this Aquarius for a reason and I was meant to find Amanda in Hawai’i and I was inevitably meant to know this Aries. We will see, this is The Age of Aquarius!!

Anyways, hope some of you got it because it was such a strange revelation that we both had. She believes I have opened myself up to other people on a higher vibration because I am now on a higher vibration through my Raw experiences. And here I was writing that post on Internal Enlightenment about how health has consumed my metaphysical life when really they are synergistic.

Cherry Berry Breakfast




I love juicing first thing in the morning! It’s an awesome way to start out the day and the best part is that you feel awesome! This was about 5 cups so a little over 32 oz. and it was pretty filling, I drank it on my way to work and I love when people look over and give me this weird look when they see me drinking some “mysterious” liquid out of a glass carafe. This juice was on the tart side with all the berries, but the ginger I added always gives it that flavorful zing!

3 Kiwis

3 C. Cherries, pitted (or a little over half a bag)

1 Pint of Blueberries

1 Carton Strawberries

3 Kale Leaves

1 Carton Raspberries

1 inch Burdock Root

1 inch Ginger

Juice, Strain, Chill, Enjoy!! 

For now I am just posting the recipe since I am feeling pretty lazy about posting the nutritional info. Check back later if you really want to know why this is a super awesome juice!