AHHH! The Universe Does Know What It’s Doing!!!





The most wonderful thing has just happened to me. That realization when the universe’s plans at this very moment make perfect sense. That moment when you realize how everything was supposed to fall into place just so that you can learn and experience your life lessons! Just so that you can meet the people that will teach you and help guide you. This is an amazing story and it’s just so uplifting to me that I had to share it, it made me giddy and I was amazed.

You can be skeptical all you want, but for those of you who understand this I am not too worried.

It started with upsetting my roommate, so I left my apartment and called a close friend of mine, Amanda just on the off chance that should would be on my side of town, to my happy surprise she answered. She said “that’s so weird, I was just thinking about you and then my phone started ringing”,she was on her way to her mom’s house which is five minutes from my apartment, so we met up there and went to the store.

SIDE NOTE: Amanda is the person that I met in Hawai’i in the summer of 2012 on field studies, the bizarre part was that she almost did not get to go and I also was almost unable to make it, but we somehow ended up going, meeting, and rooming together and then we came back and she just so happened to live close to me at the time. We talk astrology, health, numerology, about the universe, our paths in life, anything metaphysical and much more.

So as we pulled into the parking lot we ran into two people we knew and then before we left we ran into another person we knew and not to mention we were talking about our transits (we are both aries by the way) so it was just a strange night to meet up, run into all these people and then found this out…here comes the kicker!

I met this Aquarius and we hit it off right away, he is growing a garden and is very spiritualistic, into yoga and eastern religion, just an all around eccentric and typical Aquarius. Well he said that I should meet his brother who is an Aries because he has an awesome garden and that we had similar interests, he knows his brother is on a different level and etc. Well i was telling Amanda about said Aquarius and how he has a brother with dreads and a garden and that they do yoga and stuff and she started getting really excited.

About two weeks ago she had told me a story about how she met an Aquarius who introduced her to my Aquarius’s brother, the Aries (are you following) and that they had shared a really spiritual experience together and that he has a yoga class and stuff and she had really wanted to me to meet him. She said he had an awesome garden and that I would have loved it. The funny part is that it was the garden, mother nature that kept being the key topic of conversation.

Now let’s put the pieces together. I met this Aquarius at work. Amanda met her Aquarius somehow and he introduced her to this Aries man with dreads that has this awesome garden, is really spiritual, and whom she wanted me to meet. This is the same Aries that my Aquarius is related too and wanted me to meet. Bizarre! I met this Aquarian and his brother was indirectly linked to my closest friend and to think two Aquarius males brought us two Aries females to meet this Aries man. It’s just one of those revelations that makes you ponder the next person you meet. I hope to meet this Aries, because I was meant to know this Aquarius for a reason and I was meant to find Amanda in Hawai’i and I was inevitably meant to know this Aries. We will see, this is The Age of Aquarius!!

Anyways, hope some of you got it because it was such a strange revelation that we both had. She believes I have opened myself up to other people on a higher vibration because I am now on a higher vibration through my Raw experiences. And here I was writing that post on Internal Enlightenment about how health has consumed my metaphysical life when really they are synergistic.

One thought on “AHHH! The Universe Does Know What It’s Doing!!!

  1. That’s an incredible story, and I’m glad you got to share it. What a small world this is, and all the amazing things you are encountering. I’m glad you and Amanda have built a relationship. I’ll never forget our island hopping and you oh so crazy girls, and the drama from a couple others, lol. But all in all, I’m so lucky to have met you both.

    And on a deeper level,… look at what you just lived through! That is amazing!

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