My Challenge Numbers: Can It Be?


I spent the past few hours reading up and working through my Numerology workbook, but became perplexed when I came to my Challenge numbers. I have re-worked, re-calculated, added, subtracted and rearranged my numbers countless times and came up with the same numbers time and time again. I keep wondering, did I do this right? If so what does this mean? So I have come to the blog-o-sphere where I know several numerology veterans can help me

Challenge Numbers

My birthday is 03/31/1993

Step 1. To find my first Challenge number you are supposed to reduce your birth month and then subtract it from your day of birth

03 – 31 = 28 = 10/1 meaning my challenge number would be 1…and then this is where I get all sorts of confused and maybe I should take it for what it is, but I would just like some validation

Step 2. So, for the Second Challenge Number you are supposed to subtract your birth date from your birth year.

31/4 – 1993

19/1 +  93( which reduced is 12/3) so that turns into 19/1 + 12/3 = 4

So then it is 4 – 4 = 0


Step 3. To find your Third Challenge number you are supposed to subtract your Second Challenge Number from your First and if it is negative just remove the negative sign. In my case it is

0 – 1 = -1 or just 1

Step 4. To find the Fourth Challenge number it’s your reduced birth month subtracted from your reduced birth year

03 – 1993 = 03 – 4 and that brings me back to -1 or just 1

See where I am perplexed? I have a three number ones and then a zero. As an Aries, it seems to make sense that I have one in my chart, but not quite as dominant that it’s the sole focus of my challenges in life. I know that each number represents a cycle in my life and that it is tied to my pinnacle numbers which are 7, 8, 6, & 7, but I am unfamiliar with how they relate. I hope to find the meaning behind this as I continue my Numerology journey.

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