Biking Expedition



Driving is definitely a luxury and there is no better way to put it into perspective than riding your bike places you travel in your car everyday. I generally take the freeway to work, but since I was on the bike the safest way was through the rural areas and I realized that I hardly pay attention to my surroundings. I know I am far from observant, but I didn’t realize how unperceptive I was until I had to make the conscious effort to be aware of everything around me.

Another challenge I came across were the hills of Pipeline. Jeez! I definitely had to stop and walk up some of them. Driving up them is obviously a breeze, but on a bicycle they are definitely a trial of your willpower. I have a new deep-seated admiration to individuals who bike everywhere, it is quite the adventure.  

Despite my complaints it really wasn’t as difficult as it would seem, especially when I saw the length of my journey, almost 6 miles one way? I believe it really does depend on your mentality and the vibes you emit. Of course I was tired, but I was having fun and the breeze was divine. People are actually pretty friendly, especially the other cyclists and bikers, they wave and smile, if you are courteous, they are courteous. It’s amazing what a simple act like this makes you learn and what it puts into perspective. Image 

The ride back home was a little longer considering I turned the wrong way! Needless to say I am directionally challenged and what should have been a pretty straight shot ended up being a lot of backtracking and head scratching. It had gotten pretty dark and so it was a little more difficult to see my path and I definitely have a sore behind from speeding over all those bumps I didn’t see. Irregardless I am proud of myself for not giving up and biking eleven miles! Now all I have to do is focus on overcoming those hills… well that and not caring about butt sweat! Bike safely!


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