Sansom Park Trails



My adventures to the Sansom Park trails were short lived partially because my camera kinda broke. I went to Dallas earlier in the day and had some Reserve coffee and while I was documenting my time there…. I dropped it. I know! For shame! It wasn’t on purpose and that was the first time I have ever dropped it. So when I was crouching down on the trails trying to get a really good photo of some flowers all the sudden the lens pops out! Well at least I think it was the lens, I’m not too familiar with camera anatomy, but it was behind the glass, the thing that makes it focus, I think.

Regardless, I was pretty upset and became discouraged. I should have just finished the trail, but honestly the trails weren’t as fun as the others way closer to my house nor as enjoyable and when my camera decided it was going to be crazy it just solidified what I had been debating. Go home? Appreciate nature? Go Home? Sweat profusely? Oh, camera broke? Go home.  

Although I was being a party pooper I did enjoy my Vitamin D and the 2 hours of getting lost and then becoming stuck in traffic. Definitely an interesting day to say the least, but at  I was being proactive and that’s the goal of this adventure challenge. Anyway’s here are the few photos of the hike! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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