Snack Time: Spotty Bananas


I meant to post this earlier, but I took a nap and then ran some errands and forgot all about it sitting in the draft box. Oops!

I am going to rant (quite poorly) about how much I love bananas and how they are so delicious and nutritious for you.

Bananas have become one of my favorite fruits because of how easy they are to incorporate into my busy schedule and how energized they make me. Bananas are also a favorite of mine because of how easy their packaging is, you don’t even need scissors to open them up. They provide the right amount of sugars and B vitamins to keep me happy and full. They are cheap!! I love that I can purchase organic bananas at cents a pound!

We can’t forget the potassium which makes happy hearts and happy blood pressure and then there is fiber… we all know about fiber. I have to say though, may favorite thing about bananas are the SPOTS!! I enjoy nothing more than a spotty banana shake… it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

Spotty Banana Shake Recipe:   Image

8 Bananas (or more if you are super hungry)

1/4 Cup Water, or until desired consistency (totally made that measurement up, I just eyeball it!)

Here Comes The Hard Part:

Step one: Peel the bananas

Step two: Blend Bananas

Step three: Guzzle from blender Image

Nature Center Trails



First and foremost, before I begin about my adventures on the Fort Worth nature trails, I would like to acknowledge how delighted and appreciative I am to have made such wonderful connections in these past few weeks. I have met so many gifted and kind people, so many outrageous and eccentric individuals, so many inspiring and motivational leaders that it has reminded me why we must enjoy those we meet. I believe irregardless of the amount of time you have spent getting to know that person that they have entered your life at the very moment for a particular reason. Whether that be a simple comment or a few words of wisdom, maybe even an unspoken act that has instilled something you may not quite understand until it synchronizes with the other facets of your life. I feel it is how receptive we are to such circumstances and how we apply them to our lives that make the difference, but we must acknowledge those lessons otherwise they are lost to us.  

Now to my excursion on the Fort Worth or rather Lake Worth trails! A friend of mine who I just recently met told me about his volunteer work at the nature center and wildlife refuge that it inspired me to do the same. There are so many different opportunities to experience and so much knowledge to learn. You must input an application and once accepted you can begin training (and just my luck that is coming up in September!) to become a trail guide or a natural guard. You can also lead canoe excursions or work in the  greenhouse and plant natural vegetation or care for animals. The best part is that you get to learn about the different kinds of plants, trees, insects, animals, and trails and all it costs is your time. I’ll take that.

The volunteer coordinator was very welcoming and positive, all I have to do is wait a week to see if they will let me be a volunteer, I am super excited about this opportunity and hope for the best.

Here are some photos from my trailing, I encountered quite a few insects that actually posed for me and there are some cool photos even with the lens acting up, despite my camera being broken it is still functional if I don’t utilize the zoom too much, it’s definitely an exercise of patience.   Enjoy!!

Image ImageImageImage


Summer Sip: Watermelon Pineapple Papaya Wonder


SUMMER SIP: Watermelon Pineapple Papaya Wonder. This summertime gem will quench your thirst in the heat of the moment!

It’s no surprise that watermelon is a popular summertime treat especially with it being over 90% water and packed with Vitamin C, magnesium, beta carotene (Vitamin A), and zinc to name a few. Also, nifty fact – there is this wonder anti-oxidant by the name of lycopene (most popularly recognized in tomatoes) which is an awesome way to fight free radicals. The best part – it’s fan-freakin-tastic and delicious, simple to make in shareable batches and very easy to compliment with virtually any fruit – this is definitely a summertime gem.

What you shall need!

Watermelon Juice: 

1 Large Watermelon

Blender and Strainer

Watermelon Pineapple Papaya Wonder:

1 Large Watermelon

1 Pineapple

1/2- 1 Large Papaya

2-3 Limes (optional)

Blender, Strainer and Juicer

Want to just make watermelon juice? No problem, you don’t even need a juicer or a fancy blender. I have one of the cheaper blenders, something to serve it’s purpose and we are great friends…. when I’m not trying to blend nuts (they don’t like that, bad idea). Here’s how easy it is, grab your blender, a strainer, if you so desire, a knife and of course a watermelon and let’s go!!

1. Chop up your watermelon into suitable pieces  SUMMER SIP: Watermelon Pineapple Papaya Wonder. This summertime gem will quench your thirst in the heat of the moment!

2. Blend until smooth

SUMMER SIP: Watermelon Pineapple Papaya Wonder. This summertime gem will quench your thirst in the heat of the moment!

3. Strain, if you so desire and serve chilled!

SUMMER SIP: Watermelon Pineapple Papaya Wonder. This summertime gem will quench your thirst in the heat of the moment!

Now for a twist on the classic watermelon refresher, grab yourself a pineapple, a papaya and some limes and let’s get juicing!

1. If you haven’t already done so, chop and blend your watermelon in your blender and strain.

(Why do we strain? To separate the fibers from the juice, creating a less chunky beverage. Yes, the fibers are good for you, but if you prefer a smoother juice, much like I do, than it’s best to strain, but I leave it up to preference.)

2. Juice your papaya and pineapple first and then your limes for an added zing!

3. Combine your juices and chill!

This makes a huge juice! The watermelon juice alone made about 10 cups/ 76 oz. and the pineapple, papaya, lime mix is roughly 46 oz. just around 7 cups, that is about a gallon of pure awesomeness. Enjoy and drink nutritiously!


My straw fell in to the abyss!


Amanda and I getting our drink on!


Spinach Medley


Spinach Medley: 4 Cups Spinach or Several Handfuls  4 Apples  1 Pear  2 Handfuls Kale (15-20 Leaves)  1 Handful Italian Parsley (6-8 Sprigs)  1 Handful Dandelion Root (8-10 Leaves)  1 Small Piece Fennel

This is a handful recipe with rough estimates of how much of each green I used. I was in the mood for a yummy green juice and this definitely hit the spot. I like my green juices sweet that way I can enjoy them while getting in an awesome dose of greeny nutrition. If you prefer your juices a little less sweet, subtract an apple or the pear. I used a combination of Fuji and some Envy apples from New Zealand and they were extra juicy and super sweet!

4 Cups Spinach or Several Handfuls

4 Apples

1 Pear

2 Handfuls Kale (15-20 Leaves)

1 Handful Italian Parsley (6-8 Sprigs)

1 Handful Dandelion Root (8-10 Leaves)

1 Small Piece Fennel

Strain, Chill, Enjoy! Drink Nutritiously!

Pineapple Papaya Cooler


Pineapple Papaya Cooler

1 Papaya

1/2 Pineapple

1 Pint Blueberries

4 Romaine Leaves (or Leafy green of choice)

3 Guavas

2 Nectarines

2 Passion Fruit

1 Pear

Strain, Chill, Serve! Yields about 52 oz. around 6 cups


It’s been awhile since I posted a juice, but there are just times when a juice deserves to be in the spotlight. Despite the strange color, this was a pretty tasty beverage that screamed tropical explosion.

The flavor of the papaya p(ear)aired (get it? because there’s a pear in the recipe… he he) quite well with the other tropical flavors of the pineapple, passion fruit and guava. Watch out for the seeds in both the guava and the passion fruit though, you don’t want to break your juicer if it isn’t equipped for ‘rough’ juicing. I added the romaine to get some greens in which is probably why it’s such a questionable color.

I also have some great news! I purchased a food processor earlier in the week and it’s finally arrived!! I’m super excited to start making fancier raw dishes! I can make raw nut butters and raw ‘cake’ bites and breakfast bars. I’m just sooo excited!











Any recipes you want to share?!?! I’d love to hear about them!

Burundi Ngozi Reserve


Burundi Ngozi Reserve

A wonderful African coffee with cinnamon and chocolate notes that dance across your tongue. This is such a smooth cup of coffee you wouldn’t believe it’s a dark roast.

Starbucks offers several blends that are “exotic, rare, and exquisite” and only in limited supply. I personally enjoy this coffee black because it is so smooth and flavorful and so rich.

Another thing that makes this such a rare cup of coffee is that it is from a female-owned trading company by the name of Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee. For those who are unfamiliar with coffee trading it is a male-dominated field and is quite difficult for women to be successful.

This cup of coffee was brewed on the Clover Machine, I have attached a link to an awesome site that really explains how wonderful a cup of coffee is in the perfect coffee maker.