Burundi Ngozi Reserve


Burundi Ngozi Reserve

A wonderful African coffee with cinnamon and chocolate notes that dance across your tongue. This is such a smooth cup of coffee you wouldn’t believe it’s a dark roast.

Starbucks offers several blends that are “exotic, rare, and exquisite” and only in limited supply. I personally enjoy this coffee black because it is so smooth and flavorful and so rich.

Another thing that makes this such a rare cup of coffee is that it is from a female-owned trading company by the name of Gashikanwa Specialty Coffee. For those who are unfamiliar with coffee trading it is a male-dominated field and is quite difficult for women to be successful.

This cup of coffee was brewed on the Clover Machine, I have attached a link to an awesome site that really explains how wonderful a cup of coffee is in the perfect coffee maker.

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