Nature Center Trails



First and foremost, before I begin about my adventures on the Fort Worth nature trails, I would like to acknowledge how delighted and appreciative I am to have made such wonderful connections in these past few weeks. I have met so many gifted and kind people, so many outrageous and eccentric individuals, so many inspiring and motivational leaders that it has reminded me why we must enjoy those we meet. I believe irregardless of the amount of time you have spent getting to know that person that they have entered your life at the very moment for a particular reason. Whether that be a simple comment or a few words of wisdom, maybe even an unspoken act that has instilled something you may not quite understand until it synchronizes with the other facets of your life. I feel it is how receptive we are to such circumstances and how we apply them to our lives that make the difference, but we must acknowledge those lessons otherwise they are lost to us.  

Now to my excursion on the Fort Worth or rather Lake Worth trails! A friend of mine who I just recently met told me about his volunteer work at the nature center and wildlife refuge that it inspired me to do the same. There are so many different opportunities to experience and so much knowledge to learn. You must input an application and once accepted you can begin training (and just my luck that is coming up in September!) to become a trail guide or a natural guard. You can also lead canoe excursions or work in the  greenhouse and plant natural vegetation or care for animals. The best part is that you get to learn about the different kinds of plants, trees, insects, animals, and trails and all it costs is your time. I’ll take that.

The volunteer coordinator was very welcoming and positive, all I have to do is wait a week to see if they will let me be a volunteer, I am super excited about this opportunity and hope for the best.

Here are some photos from my trailing, I encountered quite a few insects that actually posed for me and there are some cool photos even with the lens acting up, despite my camera being broken it is still functional if I don’t utilize the zoom too much, it’s definitely an exercise of patience.   Enjoy!!

Image ImageImageImage


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