Snack Time: Spotty Bananas


I meant to post this earlier, but I took a nap and then ran some errands and forgot all about it sitting in the draft box. Oops!

I am going to rant (quite poorly) about how much I love bananas and how they are so delicious and nutritious for you.

Bananas have become one of my favorite fruits because of how easy they are to incorporate into my busy schedule and how energized they make me. Bananas are also a favorite of mine because of how easy their packaging is, you don’t even need scissors to open them up. They provide the right amount of sugars and B vitamins to keep me happy and full. They are cheap!! I love that I can purchase organic bananas at cents a pound!

We can’t forget the potassium which makes happy hearts and happy blood pressure and then there is fiber… we all know about fiber. I have to say though, may favorite thing about bananas are the SPOTS!! I enjoy nothing more than a spotty banana shake… it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.

Spotty Banana Shake Recipe:   Image

8 Bananas (or more if you are super hungry)

1/4 Cup Water, or until desired consistency (totally made that measurement up, I just eyeball it!)

Here Comes The Hard Part:

Step one: Peel the bananas

Step two: Blend Bananas

Step three: Guzzle from blender Image

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